Another Country Bans Asbestos

In 2018, Canada officially banned the use of all types of asbestos and products containing asbestos. This ban was a huge victory for workers at risk from asbestos and Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU), who spent years lobbying for the change. With this ban, Canada joined 55 other countries who have banned the use of all types of asbestos.

Blue Sky and Good Will vs. Science

Last August, I was approached by a guy who claimed to have an amazing product that used hydrogen peroxide to oxidize odors and particles in the air. It worked great, he insisted, and would solve almost every indoor air quality problem. After being endorsed by both the U.S. Army and Homeland Security, he wanted

Making the Change

I’ve been with Bohannon Development Corporation since 1999. We’re a family-owned business working primarily in the apartment industry to develop, build, and manage apartment communities. Prior to joining the company, I was in banking. Bohannon Development Corporation was actually one of my clients when I worked

Beware the False Negative

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and I’ve been thinking about radon. Early in my career, I used to test for the gaseous chemical. The only time I found any radon was on a marble fireplace mantle that had been imported from Italy. This won’t come as a surprise to most people. If you check the

Clearing the Air

Calling in an expert to deal with a bad smell can seem like overkill to someone who’s never dealt with an odor problem before. However, bad odors are a serious threat to indoor air quality and should always be taken seriously. Unpleasant odors can damage productivity, create a hostile work environment, and, depending on the source, be potentially harmful. When faced with an odor complaint

Who Nose?

I recognize that I am an authority on indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. After 30 years, I better be! At the same time, I admit I am not the expert in strange and unusual odors. However, this hasn’t stopped clients from requesting the services of my nose. Recently, in the span of just 10 days, I

Business Logistics of the North Pole

If you think running your business is tough, try thinking about how Santa operates the North Pole. From least to most complex, here are the four hardest aspects of running an operation that delivers gifts to 7 billion people.

A Holiday Tradition

When I first started Building Air Quality 29 years ago, winter was pretty quiet. Clients seldom called in the cold months. It was the hot, humid summer days that kept me busy. Now, since the work I do is so varied, I get calls year-round. This is a blessing and a curse.

24.5 Million Missed Work Days


Allergies can range from a mild irritation, such as an itchy throat after breathing in cat hair, to a near-death experience, like when a person with a nut allergy comes into contact with peanuts. Most people who are aware of their allergy triggers take precautions to keep themselves safe,

A Wedding at City Hall


I am happy to report that one of my daughters got married just a few weeks ago. Dana and her now-husband, Cullen, live in Austin with their son, Finn, but they wanted to get married at San Francisco City Hall. Neither of them is from San Francisco, but Dana really loves the Bay Area. And I’ll admit,