Building Air Quality, Inc.

Monthly IAQ Tips for Building Owners and Managers
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Building Air Quality is a Texas based consulting firm in business to identify and eliminate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems in commercial buildings. The scope of our service ranges from ProActive indoor air quality investigations designed to identify IAQ problems before they occur, to reactive situations in which we attempt to identify and solve indoor air quality problems which are occurring.

Indoor Air Quality Clients
Our clients include a mix of third-party management firms, REITs, and other commercial property owners (including educational facilities) interested in addressing indoor air quality issues head on. They hire us Pro-Actively to perform due-diligence studies, and they use our services to address indoor air quality complaints when they occur. We nderstand the potential legal exposure of our clients and we work diligently to identify and eliminate problems before they occur.


Your IAQ Needs
This site is designed to provide a basic understanding of indoor air quality issues. It is not intended to make you an indoor air quality expert, but rather to give background on what causes IAQ complaints. You will find information on the types of complaints reported, and some suggestions for possible causes of those complaints. We have also included several – IAQ specific – forms used in gathering background information on indoor air quality problems. Used properly they can provide tremendous insight into the scope of the problem and the nature of IAQ complaints. Follow the links provided to learn more about this important environmental issue.


Monthly IAQ Tips for Building Owners and Managers



Certifications and Associations
Building Air Quality belongs to several indoor air quality trade associations. Members of our staff also hold the following certifications.